Brave tot is home after US treatment

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Brave little Bethany Topley is back home in Stapleford after ten weeks of treatment in the USA for a rare form of facial cancer.

The two-year-old and her family are back earlier than expected after the pioneering proton treatment went so well.

Bethany Topley and brother Caine

Bethany Topley and brother Caine

Her mum Lesley Barsby told the Advertiser: “We’re pleased with how it went and the doctors and nurses over there were really happy with her progress.

“Bethany was meant to have 30 treatments but ended up doing so well she only had to have 23.

“She’s been running around smiling and laughing since we were back and just being herself.

“She’s got a bit of a runny eye and they said she might develop cataracts when she’s a bit older, but she’s getting better now and that’s the main thing.”

The tot needs to undergo a final round of chemotherapy at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham before being given the all-clear but things are looking good.

During her stay in Oklahoma City little Bethany had to undergo a general anaesthetic every Monday to Friday so that the proton beam treatment could be directed at the right area of her face.

Lesley said: “For the first few sessions it was hard because we couldn’t go in with her, the staff all had to wear protective gear, but after that she got used to it and was smiling and blowing kisses to all the nurses and doctors every day.

“We just kept thinking that the treatment is making her better.”

The course of treatment cost £100,000, which was funded by the NHS because it is not available in this country.

The options here would have seen Bethany face intrusive facial surgery.

Stapleford residents have rallied round and raised cash to help the family pay for their living costs while they were in the States as the oringinal funding would not have been enough for Bethany’s brother, Caine, to go with them.