Bravo to campaigner

I would just like to say how moved I have been by the tenacity of care-home campaigner Gill Ferguson.

It is Gill’s nature to stand up for vulnerable people and it makes me incredibly proud to have her as an acquaintance. She has tirelessly defended our elderly residents who desperately need homely and settled environments to live their lives in security and peace.

Gill single handedly in many respects, challenged the powers that be in defence of elderly people in care homes.

She has been a voice for those residents who without her would have suffered in silence.

Far too often, elderly people are ignored and their opinions are disregarded. Many in former times, and those still alive, defended our right to freedom during the course of two World Wars.

Compassion and unity were their only weapons and they used them for the good of all. It is quite right that in their time of need we stand up behind Gill to support her and cheer her on to victory.

Well done Gill.

Linda McGraw,

address supplied