Brilliant idea for Woolworths


I was delighted to have been asked by the Advertiser to comment on David Thorpe’s proposal to develop the former Woolworths shop on Bath Street.

The decline in genuine shops in Bath Street has long been a concern for me and for almost all the other residents of Ilkeston.

Now we have a proposal from a very experienced and successful man of the town to use this building for the benefit of the whole community.

So many of the shops all over Ilkeston have declined because members of the family who owned them have not retained the local connection. This is not so with David Thorpe.

Although he does not live in the town, David has retained a very successful business with people coming from great distances to make their special purchases from his family shop on South Street.

Now, as president of the Ilkeston Chamber of Trade, he is bringing his considerable knowledge, ability and resource to the promotion of business on Bath Street. I am sure that we all wish him well.

Erewash council finances a scheme of “golden hellos” for new businesses in the borough. This is operated through Erewash Partnership as I am sure that David Thorpe knows.

Can we all give encouragement to this excellent businessman who is working to develop Ilkeston.

Yours faithfully,

David Stephenson