Bring viaduct into use

If someone were to fall from the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge or the Ironbridge over the River Severn, there would not be calls to close off those iconic structures.

The Bennerley Viaduct is a unique part of our heritage in this area.

The recently created Erewash Valley Trail has become a major feature of the valley where both local communities and visitors can enjoy the haven that this valley provides. In this area, the trail effectively follows the route of both the Erewash Canal and the Nottingham Canal.

This structure effectively connects the canals.

A combination of local people, councils, special interest and community groups saved this valley from opencast mining in the late eighties. More recently, our councils, Wildlife Trust and community groups have shown tremendous vision in creating the Erewash Valley Trail.

With regards to the victim who fell, I really hope she makes a full recovery.

Restricting access to the viaduct will do little to make the area safer. Let’s see this magnificent structure brought back into use and incorporated into the Erewash Valley Trail. It provides brilliant views of the valley and opening it up would be such a creative way of celebrating our unique industrial heritage.

Kieran Lee