Budget good news for parents

Cllr Corbett
Cllr Corbett

As a grandfather Cllr Chris Corbett, Erewash Borough Council leader, said he was glad to hear the government would be doing more to help working parents with childcare costs.

He added: “It was a pleasure to listen to the Chancellor yesterday recognising that those who work hard and want to get on will be encouraged and supported.

“My son and his wife both work shifts and long hours to support themselves and our grandson, so they will really benefit from the proposal to pay 20 per cent of their childcare bill every year.

“We live too far away to help and I do not know what their costs come to but I am sure that £1,200 a year will make a great difference.

“As someone who wants to see employment continue to grow I was also very happy to see the proposal to cut the National insurance bill of every business by up to £2,000.

“This will make it cheaper for small businesses to take on more staff.”