Budget targets pensioners


I fully concur with Mrs Matthews’ comments regarding the budget (Advertiser Thursday April 19) but that was just the thin end of the wedge of constant worry, a disease that is alien to the ‘I’m alright Jacks’ whom we elected to govern responsibly on our behalf.

In Commons Corner (Advertiser Thursday April 19) Jessica Lee MP conveniently ignores the fact that the cost of living for the elderly is constantly held at poverty levels.

Has she ever had to choose between eating and heating, or pile on extra clothing to keep warm?

I rather doubt it, and cynic that I am, I even suspect that the government is waiting for this winter’s hypothermia figures to help to balance the books.

Being one of the generation that foiled attempts to present current budgets in the German vernacular, perhaps grateful thanks should be enshrined in a dignified standard of living.

But no, it seems that by living a little longer we pensioners are becoming a burden, the closure of residential homes and facilities says it all really, and even the NHS is no such thing nowadays, being a postcode lottery of regions.

It now seems that the appellation of OAPs is so out of date, maybe we should style ourselves as ‘Members of the Unappreciated Generation’ MUGs for short – a title that would also fit those misguided enough to vote like Turkeys for Christmas at the last election.

I could probably write a book the length of War and Peace containing further observations but don’t get me started.

A. Walters

One of the MUGs