Bureau to ‘make a difference’

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Eastwood Volunteer Bureau wants suggestions for a project in the town as part of Make A Difference Day.

The bureau wants people to ring in with ideas such as tidying up an area of the town or litter picking in someone’s street.

Administrator Barbara Hodgkinson said: “We are asking people to give us their views - what they think should be done.

“It might be cleaning the memorial up or litter picking on a certain road, but it should ideally be an outdoor activity that’s not going to cost.”

Volunteers at the bureau will lead the project, but hopefully residents will also get involved, said Ms Hodgkinson.

“It would be good to get residents involved as well. If there’s something that’s bugging someone we can roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.”

National Make a Difference Day runs throughout the last half of October where organisations aim to make a difference in their community for one day.

Ring 01773 537 895 or email ideas to admin@evbvols.org.uk.