Bus station comes first

It has been a long time coming, but it seems that Ilkeston will finally get a train station, thanks to all who have campaigned for years.

And there will no doubt be great rejoicing when the station comes into operation.

But how many people, particularly old-age pensioners, can afford rail travel with high and ever-increasing train fares?

What Ilkeston really needs is a large, well-built bus station in or near the town centre, complete with a weather-proof roof, separate bays with prominent destination signs and adequate numbers of comfortable seats.

This type of bus station would be quite costly but it would be money well spent as it would put an end to the traffic congestion and chaos that occurs on Wharncliffe Road.

It would also bring great relief to bus passengers who have been greatly tested while standing and shivering during the prolonged spell of extremely cold weather.

Station backer,

Name and address supplied.