Businesswoman defying the odds after health scare

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A businesswoman who was told she would not live to see her 50th birthday has dramatically transformed how she lives and works in an attempt to defy the doctors’ prognosis.

Neena Sharma, 46, of West Hallam, enjoyed a successful career as a human resources director at a number of business, but after being diagnosed with a chronic and debilitating condition, the prognosis painted a very different picture for her future.

Neena decided to take a significant step in making some changes and radically reviewed her lifestyle, work outlook and environment.

She now hopes to help others make the changes they want in their professional and personal lives at Next Steps HR, which has just opened new offices at Strelley Hall in Nottingham.

She said: “I was working so hard and such long hours, frequently away from home, I didn’t make time to see the doctor. I just chose to ignore everything and carry on for a long period pretending nothing was wrong but it was terrifying.”

She started experiencing symptoms such as tinnitus, sudden hair loss and problems with her short-term memory and speech.

Neena added: “Like many people, I had so many priorities but my health and well-being were low down on the list. After eventually being forced to see two different doctors, I was told independently by both at the age of 41 that I wouldn’t make my 50th birthday unless I made some serious changes to how I lived and worked.”

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