Bypass before the traffic is critical

Many years ago the Advertiser published a letter from me regarding the proposed inner relief road where I stated that Ilkeston needed a bypass around town and not through it.

It has taken a number of years for my prediction to come true, but with the added congestion from a new supermarket on Nottingham Road and the Stanton site application, the situation is about to become critical.

I visited the presentation on Market Street and was generally comfortable with the proposal, except for the lack of improvement in the surrounding road network. The planning staff representing Erewash Borough Council were excellent in their desire to explain and discuss.

I was born and bred and have lived my entire life on the Stanton side of Ilkeston and recently retired as a senior finance manager for Saint-Gobain, so I know the traffic problems of the site and local area very well.

I would have thought that this was an ideal opportunity to begin the creation of a relief road around Ilkeston which is desperately needed. My proposal is to begin the road from the bottom of Nottingham Road, skirting across the back of Gallows Inn playing fields up onto Crompton Street and down to Merlin Way. The route then follows the Nutbrook Trail (or the Nutbrook Canal, which was owned by Stanton and given many years ago to Derbyshire County Council).

The relief road could be completed in sections as finance becomes available, but could eventually connect Nottingham Road, Crompton Street, Quarry Hill Road, Ladywood Road, Derby Road and Heanor Road (including Mapperley village and the Shipley park) and link the industrial estates at Furnace Road, Merlin Way and Manners Road and allow traffic to avoid coming into the town centre when it only wants to get around. At the present time the majority of this route is clear open ground and the route should be planned and protected before the opportunity disappears.

One further, somewhat unconnected, request is for a mini island at the junction of Cavendish Road and Lower Stanton Road. Attempting to turn right onto Lower Stanton Road is at best difficult and at times impossible, which forces traffic up Nottingham Road to a very congested White Lion Square, soon to be made much busier with the new supermarket.

And the final comment is that town centre parking must become free for the first two hours to encourage shoppers into town regardless of cost, sometimes even accountants have to be told to go away!

Roger Hardy,

Dale View, Ilkeston