Call for action over derelict site

A councillor has backed a resident’s call for action to be taken at a former derelict bus depot site in Ilkeston.

Cllr Michelle Booth, county councillor for Ilkeston West, said the site at Back Lane is insecure, despite some fencing recently being put up there.

Resident Barry Spencer, of Back Lane, called the site ‘a shambles’ and said there have been safety issues there for a long time, including water logged pits and broken fence posts.

He said there had been no fencing around the land for about eight weeks, during which time it posed a great danger to children.

Mr Spencer, 78, said: “If people trespass on the area, especially when the fencing is not securely in place, the deep water-logged pits are unmarked and a potential risk to life and limb.”

Cllr Booth will meet with Paul Smith, environmental officer at Erewash Borough Council, today (Thursday May 9) to discuss the site, which is privately owned.

She said: “If someone is trespassing it’s their own fault but you can’t think like that when it’s small children.”

She added that there is a hidden swamp at the site and it should be the council’s responsibilty to find out who the owner of the land is, rather than leaving it to a member of the public.

Ian Sankey, director for resources and deputy chief executive at Erewash Borough Council, said: “We can confirm that this is a privately-owned site and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the safety of the site.

“However, if residents have concerns about the site we are, of course, happy to investigate the situation within the powers that we have to see if there is any course of action that is necessary or that can be taken.”

Mr Spencer added: “It will be all right for a time now that they have fenced it off.”

He added: “Now a new firm have taken over we will just have to see what they do in the long term.”