Call for life-saving lessons in schools

St John first aid lessons
St John first aid lessons

A head teacher from an Ilkeston school is calling for more of her colleagues to introduce life-saving lessons in their schools.

Lindsey Partridge, head at Kensington Junior School, is backing St John Ambulance’s campaign to encourage hundreds of schools to join The Big First Aid Lesson – an interactive webinar that will be streamed live into classrooms across the East Midlands, and the UK on Friday June 20.

The support follows research revealing 94% of the region’s teachers think it’s vital for young people to learn essential first aid skills in school, but only a quarter of schools offer training.

“At Kensington we consider a basic knowledge of first aid to be one of the most important skills we can teach our pupils,” said Lindsey

“We have welcomed St John Ambulance trainers into school for a number of years now. The first year we were involved, a parent phoned in to thank us after her year three son had received first aid training.

“She had health issues which resulted in frequent falls, and she wanted us to know how much safer she felt, knowing that her son would know how to call for help and look after her in an emergency.

“We will certainly be continuing our commitment to including first aid within the wider curriculum for all pupils, and would encourage other schools to do the same,’ Mrs Partridge said.

Results of the survey commissioned by St John, the nation’s leading first aid charity, show that most teachers would like to equip their students with life-saving skills but cite lack of time (36%), staff training (23%) and cost (31%) as barriers to introducing lessons into the classroom.

Furthermore, more than half (53%) believe it would take first aid training to be a national curriculum requirement for more schools to take it seriously.