Campaign group to take to streets of Ilkeston about ‘secret deal’

Members of a campaign group will be taking to the streets of Ilkeston tomorrow (Saturday).

The day of action is part of a nationwide effort coordinated by independent campaign group 38 Degrees to raise awareness of what they call ‘a secretive deal with the USA that is set to give more power to big corporation.’

It will see local campaigners talk to hundreds of people about the dangers of this deal they say could force NHS trusts across the country to open up to American private healthcare providers, and could allow big businesses to sue the Government if British laws dent their profits.

Erewash volunteers will take to the streets at Ilkeston Market Place at 11am, joining thousands of other people who are also taking action across the UK. They’re calling on people to sign the petition against TTIP, which will be delivered to politicians in October.

Ralph Hierons, a 38 Degrees member from Ilkeston said: “TTIP is a very bad deal for the UK people, chipping away at our democracy by handing more power to huge multi-national corporations. Aside from seeing standards drop across the board to keep in line with US legislation, people, companies & governments will be forced to put corporate profits above all other considerations. I find that chilling.”

Sign the petition at