Campaign to tackle cig ends

The council is declaring war on cigarette ends with a campaign set to be launched next week.

Love Your Town starts on Monday (September 9) will see posters put up all over town and ‘butt pouches’ handed out at Ilkeston Town Hall.

Extra cigarette bins are to be put up around the Market Place and Bath Street.

The campaign is in response to a survey Erewash Borough Council ran in which 60 per cent of residents said that discarding cigarette ends was a ‘major cause’ of littering problems throughout the borough.

And 95 per cent agreed with the council’s £75 on-the-spot fines for anyone caught littering fag ends.

Leaflets giving details of where to get help and advice for anyone interested in stopping smoking will be available from the Town Hall as the campaign is launched in conjunction with Stoptober – a national bid to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking.

The heat-proof butt pouches allow smokers to stub out their cigarettes and dispose of them in bins helping to reduce cigarette litter.

They will be available at Ilkeston Town Hall reception from September and Long Eaton Town Hall from December this year.

Look out for photos from the launch event in next week’s Advertiser.