Campaigners feel let down


I worked side by side with Cllr Ken Rigby throughout the whole of the last planning process.

I sat next to him at the Public Enquiry.

He knew very well that the whole of Trowell was against ANY development of Fields Farm.

He knew personally of all the issues of Trowell Park’s residents, indeed the concerns of ALL residents in Stapleford and Trowell who were opposed to the development of Fields Farm and the detriment such a development would have on their own homes and communities.

Cllr Rigby personally advised them and us he would fight Fields Farm development ‘every inch’. He, and Stapleford North Councillors and MPs all campaigned the last two national and local elections on the back of their ‘work to ensure no houses are built on Fields Farm’ and promises NOT to develop Fields Farm.

Our local councillors have let us all down by not representing our voice.

To tell the people of Trowell this is the ‘best of a bad situation’ ignores all the concerns residents had then and still have now, ignores the valid objections to building on the site, ignores the purpose of the land to the locality, ignores why his electorate voted for him and goes against the assurances he gave them and STRAG over the last planning process.

I hope Trowell Parish Council are not fooled into being bought out, or fooled into handing over the land to Broxtowe Borough Council.

Present form implies it will find itself accommodating another 250 houses within a very few years on the premise it’s no longer greenbelt, no longer sustainable and a more valuable asset to the council as land identified for future housing, irrespective of the views of the residents and the overall purpose the Fields Farm land fulfils to it’s locality.

Jennie Phillips

Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group

Stapleford representative