Camping problems at country park

NILALM101123B6 - Shipley country park
NILALM101123B6 - Shipley country park
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campers are being reminded that pitching tents on Shipley Country Park and in Shipley Wood is banned after litter and burning fires were left by groups earlier this month.

Local people, dog walkers and park users are concerned that fires left by groups of young people that have spent the night under canvas in the area could spread and damage the wood and harm its wildlife.

Parish councillor, Val Trevan said: “It’s not so much the camping that people are bothered about it’s the danger of fires in the hot dry weather and the litter that’s left behind.

“When we were experiencing the warmer weather I was dreading a campfire spreading, it would just be so dangerous and would ruin the beauty of the area.

“Even when people put them out it only takes one spark and it will all be up in flames.”

Park rangers have been forced to clean up after groups have packed up their tents and left when the weather was warmer over Easter.

And with more hot temperatures predicted this weekend locals are urging the campers to head elsewhere.

Cllr Trevan added: “It gets to a point where I wish it was raining so there wasn’t the worry.

“No one that camps in the park seems to even think about clearing up after themselves and the fires are just dangerous.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “We are aware of two incidents in Shipley Wood earlier this month where campers had stayed overnight and left litter and the remains of a fire. Our rangers cleared the rubbish away.

“Camping is not allowed in the park and we carry out regular patrols.

“We would urge anyone who spots a tent being set up or someone lighting a fire in our grounds to find one of our rangers or give us a call so we can move them along.”

Calls can be made directly to Shipley Country Park rangers on 01773 719961.