Cancer bus in town for advice

MacMillan bus
MacMillan bus

Macmillan Cancer Support’s advice bus will pull up in Ilkeston next week.

Staff will be on board to chat to people about all kinds of cancers, treatments and symptoms and to offer advice.

The team will be raising awareness of skin cancer and malignant melanoma, and about chatting to visitors about the signs and symptoms to look out for.

Last year, Macmillan research showed that 40% of people in the UK said they burn their skin in the sun on purpose to “deepen” a tan.

Helen Kennedy, lead Macmillan information and support specialist on the unit, said: “It’s really worrying that so many are willing to put themselves at risk in this way, sunburn will cause serious damage to your skin which can lead to cancer.

“We will be advising people on how they can be safe in the sun.”

The bus will be outside Ilkeston Town Hall from 9am - 3pm on Thursday, May 22.

No appointment is necessary and anyone is welcome to go on board.