Cancer survivor tells her story to raise charity cash

Andre and Florence
Andre and Florence

THE SISTER of Advertiser editor Peter Hemmett went through cancer as a teenager.

Today, aged 33, she is the mother of beautiful baby Florence and has written a blog to explain to people about her and her family’s journey surviving cancer.

Andrea and Florence

Andrea and Florence

This story is part of a fundraising drive by MamaBabyBliss – a firm which offers natural holisitic services for mothers-to-be, babies and new mums and dads including skincare and baby yoga classes.

They have set about raising cash for cancer charity CLIC Sargent as part of Yummy Mummy Week which ends this Sunday.

Amongst the fundraising efforts organised by Nottingham rep Vanessa Taylor, classes dressed in pink to buy refreshments provided by local firms and mums, with proceeds going to the charity.

She is also donating ten per cent of product sales this week to the cause.

The aim of Andrea’s story is to encourage you to support the fundraising by visiting their website

By going to Andrea’s blog entry and sharing it on facebook and twitter before this Sunday (March 18), the firm will donate £1 to the cancer charity.

It won’t cost you anything but every click will make a difference.

Simply visit to read Andrea’s inspiring story and share it to raise £1 for a worthy cause.