Candidates for elections are revealed

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All the candidates for next month’s county council elections have been revealed this week.

Those standing in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire wards covered by the Advertiser are listed below.

The elections take place on Thursday May 2 and we will be following it closely.

Candidates in Erewash are as follows:

Ilkeston East: Rachel Allen (Lib Dem), Brendan Berry (UKIP), Glennice Birkin (Lab), Whopping Lord Foghole (Monster Raving Loonies), Kevin Miller (Con)

Ilkeston West: Michelle Booth (Lab), Val Custance (Con), Philip Hood (Green), Jamie Parker (UKIP), Angela Togni (Lib Dem)

Ilkeston South: Fiona Aanonson (Lib Dem), Giles Farand (UKIP), John Frudd (Lab), Richard Harris (Con)

Breadsall and West Hallam: Jeannie Alderdice (Green), Carol Hart (Con), Linda McGraw (Lab), Alan Rose (UKIP), Kristopher Watts (Lib Dem)

Sandiacre: Martin Lowe (Lib Dem), Wayne Major (Con), Patrick Pritchett (Lab), Mark Willis (UKIP)

Petersham: Wing Comm Michael Clulow (UKIP), Garry Hickton (Con), Clare Neill (Lab), Ian Neill (Lib Dem)

Long Eaton: Kewal Athwal (Con), Roland Hosker (Lab), Bexley Sears (UKIP), Susannah Watts (Lib Dem)

Candidates in Broxtowe:

Bramcote and Stapleford: Andrew Clayworth (Lab), Chris Cobb (UKIP), Mathew Doar (UKIP), Christopher Doddy (Con), Stan Heptinstall (Lib Dem), Richard MacRae (Ind), Stuart Neyton (Green), David Park (Con), Gordon Stoner (Green), Jacky Williams (Lib Dem), Gillian Yamin (Lab)

Kimberley and Trowell: Robert Davidson (UKIP), Charles Kirwan (Green), Helena Lings (Lab), John Longdon (Con), Ken Rigby (Lib Dem)

Candidates in Amber Valley:

Greater Heanor: Keith Falconbridge (Lib Dem), Paul Jones (Lab), Kevin Parkinson (Con), Cliff Roper (BNP), Graham Young (UKIP)