Candidates from other boroughs

Below is a list of the Broxtowe and Amber Valley candidates standing in the borough council elections in the wards on our patch:

BROXTOWE – AWSWORTH: Lydia Ball (Con), Sarah Brown (Lab).

COSSALL AND KIMBERLEY: Elaine Cockburn (Lib Dem), Andy Cooper (Lab), Mel Crow (Con), Edward Cubley (Con), Shane Easom (Con), Mary McGuckin (Lab), Richard Robinson (Lab).

STAPLEFORD NORTH: Philip Batty (Con), Margaret Braham (Con), Mark Elvin (Lib Dem), John Longdon (Ind), Iris White (Lab), Russell Whiting (Lab), Brian Wombwell (Lib Dem).

STAPLEFORD SOUTH EAST: Glenn Baker (Lab), Pip Din (Con), David Grindell (Lib Dem), Shaun Reynolds (Con), Jacky Williams (Lib Dem), Gill Yamin (Lab).

STAPLEFORD SOUTH WEST: Andrew Britton (Con), Sarah Camplin (Green), Ray Darby (Lab), John McGrath (Lab), Dave Pearson (Lib Dem), Christopher Rice (Con), Kevin Thomas (Lib Dem).

TROWELL: Christopher Doddy (Con), Chris Richmond (Lab), Ken Rigby (Lib Dem).

AMBER VALLEY – SHIPLEY PARK, HORSLEY, HORSLEY WOODHOUSE: Eric Lancashire (Lab), Kate Smith (Lib Dem), Alex Stevenson (Con).