Care worker hits out at QMC ward

A CARE assistant has slammed care standards at the Queen’s Medical Centre after spending time on a ward there as a patient.

Stacey Grainger, 26, has just spent 11 days at the hospital after being diagnosed with a problem affecting her digestive system.

The care assistant, who works with dementia patients at the Rutland Manor nursing home, told the Advertiser she will refuse to go back to the hospital because it was that bad.

“It was absolutely terrible. Some of those nurses haven’t got a caring bone in their body,” she said.

“They weren’t all bad but some just didn’t care, they weren’t affectionate or understanding and there was no compassion.”

Stacey said there were a number of times when patients, including herself, had not been offered meals and they were left waiting for drinking water for hours at a time.

On one occasion Stacey said she was forced to clean the toilets herself.

“The place was filthy, I saw the dirt behind one of the beds and cleaners cleaned around things,” she added.

“They didn’t move my shoes or anything that was on the floor, they just swept and mopped around it.

“I felt dirtier after a shower than I did before.”

Stacey claimed that patients were forced to wait for anything up to 15 minutes after pressing their buzzers and then left for hours before being dealt with.

“There were times when I would hear someone buzz and no one would come.

“I started buzzing as well to get the nurses’ attention but there was still nothing and then when they eventually came over they’d say ‘in a minute’ and that was it for ages, you wouldn’t see them again.

“I was in there ill but ended up looking after some of the older patients.

“My husband kept saying for me to get back in bed, I knew I should have been taking it easy but I couldn’t help myself.”

Anne Scott, Clinical Lead for Digestive Diseases and Thoracics, said: “While this is the first we have heard of any concerns from Ms Grainger relating to her stay in hospital, we take these comments extremely seriously and will be making contact with her to discuss further.

“We are extremely disappointed with what we have been told and this is certainly not a picture that we recognise for any of our wards.

“This particular ward has a very strong record when it comes to patient experience and feedback. As a Trust, we are proud of our excellent patient safety record, low infection rates and cleanliness standards.”

But Stacey told the Advertiser the whole experience had not helped her recovery.

She added: “There’s no dignity and some of the staff could definitely do with training in basic care.

“You’re meant to go into hospital and come out feeling better but I’ve come out in as much pain as I went in and feeling disgusted at what I saw.

“The doctor’s said if I don’t improve I might have to go back but I’ll refuse. I won’t go back there.”