Cat owners’ fears over missing pets

Cotmanhay missing cat. Jacob Middleton (8), Darcy Shaw (15) and Emily Middleton  (11).
Cotmanhay missing cat. Jacob Middleton (8), Darcy Shaw (15) and Emily Middleton (11).

Cat owners in Cotmanhay whose pets have gone missing fear they may have been poisoned.

Nicola Beckett, who lives on Milton Street, wrote to the Advertiser to tell us that two of her beloved cats had gone missing in the same week.

Meanwhile Paula Middleton, of Bright Street, has put posters up around the village in a desperate attempt to find the family’s ginger tomcat George.

One of their other cats, Pip, was poisoned last month and had to be put down, leaving the family, including children Emily and Jacob devastated.

Paula said: “I took in three brothers at the same time and now I just have one left.

“We took Pip to the vet after he became really ill and the vet said that he had been poisoned.”

She added that there are a total of three cat owners in the village that she knows of who have missing cats.

Nicola Beckett said it was unusual for her cat to venture very far.

She said: “I have had two cats for a number of years but on Saturday June 29 our male cat was in our garden in the afternoon and we haven’t seen him since. This is a cat that never goes further than the next street and who is frightened of traffic .

“On Monday July 1 the same happened with the female cat.”

Despite looking high and low neither cat has been found.

She added: “If all the cats have been poisoned it is an excruciating death and the people who are doing this need to be stopped.”

Police have not received any new reports about cats being poisoned.