Charity celebrates 40th aid shipment

Hundreds of volunteers turned up at a depot in West Hallam to pack aid destined for needy children thousands of miles away.

The Children of Honduras Trust has been sending shipments for 40 years.

Hondorus trust packing containers. Organiser Jennifer Cox.

Hondorus trust packing containers. Organiser Jennifer Cox.

The charity’s founder, Jennifer Cox, said: “Many people have been very kind over the years.

“People across the country have been generous, even during austerity, with their time, money and effort to help poor youngsters across the seas they will never meet.

“Also there is fantastic support throughout the year with people packing and processing a mountain of goods and from those who help on loading day. We could not manage without this marvellous, continued effort for which I and the recipients in Honduras are very grateful.”

Containers were packed with food, medical supplies, clothes, footwear, books and educational equipment, toys and games, sports items, even toilets and sinks.

Water filtration pumps to make water clean for drinking and two portable power generators are also being shipped.

The charity has helped more than 8,000 children in the poverty stricken central American country.

Donations are collected from schools and community groups across the county.