Charity helps warm homes

Fuel poverty for old age pensioners.
Fuel poverty for old age pensioners.

More than 485 families in Ilkeston now live in warmer homes thanks to a project run by a town centre charity.

Thanks to a £26,233 grant from ScottishPower Energy People Trust, staff from Direct Help and Advice (DHA) helped low income families to maximise their incomes, become energy efficient and access fuel benefits.

One Ilkeston man who was helped by the project said: “I had been struggling to make ends meet for some months and had resorted to obtaining food packages from a local food bank. I was referred to Warming Erewash who helped me better understand my energy usage and phoned my fuel company to negotiate a repayments scheme on my behalf. Warming Erewash helped me see things clearly and let me concentrate on my family life and making ends meet.”

Alleviating fuel poverty is now a key objective of DHA, made possible by the funding and establishment of the Warming Erewash project in 2011.

Kim Miles at DHA said: The project has been a lifeline for people living on low incomes, helping them to move out of financial difficulty and to live in warmer homes.”