Charity praises teenage donor

Teenager donated her bone marrow to a stranger. Pictured is Sian Martin.
Teenager donated her bone marrow to a stranger. Pictured is Sian Martin.
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A national charity has spoken out after the Advertiser’s story featuring Ilkeston bone marrow donor Sian Martin.

The Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity and bone marrow register would like to clear a few things up about the way bone marrow is given.

Sian Martin, 18, went to London to have the marrow extracted from her hip bones on August 26.

The charity wanted people to know that Sian’s donation was quite rare. She underwent a more complicated procedure than the usual way of extracting bone marrow due to complications with her blood.

Only ten per cent of people who give bone marrow donate that way.

Ann O’Leary, head of register development at Anthony Nolan, said: “By donating bone marrow Sian has done an incredibly generous and selfless thing. We are delighted to hear that she would do it again and that she is encouraging other young people to join the register.

“About 90 per cent of donors now give stem cells through a quick and simple process similar to giving blood rather than by donating bone marrow. We are very keen to recruit more young people so hope that Sian inspires others.”

Another reader, who preferred not to be named, also contacted the Advertiser.

They said: “Well done Sian for donating bone marrow but I want to reassure anyone considering going onto the register that not all experiences are as painful.”

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