Charlie’s BMX bike dream

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An Ilkeston school boy has told the Advertiser of his dream to become a top BMX biking champion despite his serious diabetes.

Charlie Davison, six, recently competed at the World Championships in Birmingham and spends his weekends at regional, national and international biking copetitions supported by his parents Rachel and Neil.

But for Charlie, racing is not the only challenge, two years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and it is vital his condition is kept under close control for him to be able to race safely.

His mum Rachel said: “When he found out how serious it was he said take anything off me, sweets, chocolate, toys but I want to carry on BMXing.”

Thanks to the help of a team at the Royal Derby Hopital Charlie has been able to carry on with his sport and is now ranked 14th in the country.

The Field House School pupil wears an insulin pack which helps the family constantly monitor his levels to ensure he is safe to take part in races.

Dad Neil said: “He’s never made a big thing of it and just got on with it.

“We have to let medics at events know because if he comes off his tube can come out but he’s not phased.”

Charlie, who is also a member of Ilkeston Swimming Club, said that despite the crashes he loves the sport: “I have fallen off loads but I’m not scared.

“I need to get used to it if I’m going to be prestige one day.”

Rachel added: “We’re so proud of him and everything he’s achieved.”