Cheeky calendar will help relatives in need

Kate le Prost has put together a Calendar Girls style calendar to raise money for an Army charity.
Kate le Prost has put together a Calendar Girls style calendar to raise money for an Army charity.

An Ilkeston woman is set to launch a cheeky calendar featuring women from across the East Midlands to raise money for charity.

A total of 14 ladies had their photos taken for the calendar, which is in the style of the Calendar Girls – a film about a group of women who stripped for a charity calendar.

All of the women featured have or had a relation in the Armed Forces and money raised will go to the First Regiment Royal Artillery Fund.

The calendar was the brainchild of Kate Le Prevost, of Ilkeston, who was inspired to raise money for the fund following the death of her husband, Robert, who served in the 1RHA E Battery.

He died aged 52 in 2013 following a heart attack, leaving three children, and Kate said she would have been lost without the support of the First Regiment Royal Artillery Fund.

Mrs Le Prevost said: “He died from a large heart attack. He had one whilst he was at home, went to the hospital and had another one a few days later that killed him. It was very unexpected as he was doing well up to that point.

“The fund was a lifeline for me, it wasn’t money from the fund that helped me it was the family feeling the regiment gave me that helped me a lot. They encouraged me to get out and about, invited me to social events.

“Ex-members of the regiment would ring or call to make sure we were ok. Because Rob served with them and they were all like brothers they made sure we were ok.

“Then I heard stories of people in the regiment who needed help and wanted to give a little something back so by doing the calendar I feel I can help others.”

As well as the 14 ladies who appear in the calendar, countless others helped out behind the scenes with make-up, hair and photography.

Mrs Le Prevost managed to produce and create the calendar free of charge which means that all the proceeds from sales will go directly to the fund.

The ladies will also be embarking on a 40-mile walk from Calais to Dunkirk next year to raise more money for the charity.

She said: “it’s not until something sad happens in your life that you realise who really cares. The people of the regiment in which my late husband served really helped to get me through what was a very difficult time.”

The calendars will be going on sale in a few venues across Nottinghamshire to start with. Anyone interested in selling it can call Mrs Le Prevost on 07596024058.