Child sex offences: 130 are arrested


More than 130 arrests have been made in Erewash since in recent years in connection with child sex offences.

A Freedom Of Information request made by the ‘Tiser revealed that 60 people in Ilkeston have been spoken to by police in the last six years, while the figure for Long Eaton stands at 76.



Since 2007 a total of 1,337 people have been arrested in relation to child sex offences across the county, but the figures have declined in the last two years. The year with the most arrests – 2009 – saw 271 people stopped by Derbyshire Police but in 2013, just 153 arrests were made.

DCI Gareth Meadows, from the Public Protection Unit, said: “We have dedicated officers based across the county who investigate all reports of child abuse.

“We work with partner agencies to ensure all victims receive the appropriate support, care and protection.

“The number of arrests and prosecutions each year will understandably fluctuate depending on the number of reports we receive.

“It is important to stress we will treat all reports of child abuse seriously and will investigate thoroughly.”

The figures come as Derbyshire police revealed this week that crime in the county has gone up for the first time in ten years.

The latest statistics, which reveal the end-of-year figures for the force, show that recorded crime rose by two per cent in 2013/14 compared to April to March 2012/13, meaning an increase of 1,094 offences.

In Ilkeston the number of violent offences reported was down but vehicle crime and break-ins at non-domestic properties both increased.

Inspector Nick Daines said: “Whilst of course disappointing that there has been a very slight increase in overall crime in the county, this needs to be seen in context, both in terms of what does and does not get recorded as crime, and also that we are still at significantly lower levels than in recent years, and this includes in Ilkeston.

“Much of the crime pattern is also reflected here too, and whilst we have seen positive reductions in overall violent crime, we have also seen increases in vehicle crime and non-dwelling burglary.

“I would again urge everyone to heed the messages we have been promoting through the Advertiser and elsewhere to take basic crime prevention measures.

“Lock your cars, keep valuables out of sight, keep sheds padlocked and chain up your bikes inside – simple, but effective.

“Ilkeston officers have also played their part in getting positive results for levels of public confidence at such strong levels, and we will continue to strive to put victims first.”

Although the number of offences reported by the public increased across the county, there were still 15 per cent fewer than there were two years ago.

Crimes of violence reduced by 6.5 per cent from 9,820 to 9,177 while shoplifting and non-domestic burglaries rose by 17 per cent and 19 per cent respectively.

Vehicle crime (which includes theft of and from vehicles) rose by nine per cent and domestic burglary rose by two per cent, countywide.

Derbyshire’s Chief Constable, Mick Creedon, said: “We knew that crime could not fall forever, especially in light of the tough economic times the country as a whole, and especially some parts of the north of England is going through. It is significant that the increase in offences classed as stealing is well over 2,000 crimes, and the majority of these are of very low value.”