Christmas period is a time to remember loved one’s

Another Christmas has come and gone, and another year begins.

Decorations are being taken down and packed away, the last traces of tinsel and pine needles hoovered up and the cards put aside for recycling.

If you’re like me, this last little task provides an opportunity to read through our Christmas cards one last time, which in turn brings to mind family and friends who sent them.

Some of them we may see often, others perhaps not for years. Some live so far away we may never actually see them again, yet their cards and greetings at Christmas bring us together again and stir many memories.

It is nice to remember and to be remembered.

Family and friends are surely among life’s great blessings, and in this season when we look back for a moment at the year that has gone, it is good to reflect on those near and dear to us and thank God for them.

Now we stand at the beginning of another year, and for the most part we cannot know what it holds for us.

So we pray that God will guide and sustain us as He has in the past, that He will watch over our loved ones wherever they are and keep them safe, and that He will bless and preserve those who have neither family nor friends to support them through life.

Bill Enoch

Retired parish priest