Church to trim hedge

A council has stopped trimming a hedge it says it had been maintaining as a ‘good will gesture’.

The hedge which forms a boundary of Belvoir Close in Kirk Hallam, has been a bone of contention for neighbouring All Saints’ Church for 48 years.

According to Rev David Fergus, the church agreed to allow the creation of a public footpath on its land in 1964 and the former Ilkeston Borough Council would provide the fencing, hedge, lighting and tarmac.

The council agreed to pay the costs involved in the conveyance of the land within 21 years but this never took place, he said.

Until recently Derbyshire County Council had been maintaining the hedge to stop it overhanging the footpath.

But now the authority has passed on responsibility to the church.

“In particular we have been told that we ‘must keep it cut back so as not to overhang the public footpath’,” said Rev Fergus.

“Previously this hedge had been maintained by Derbyshire County Council as a gesture of ‘good will to the community’, but they are no longer able or willing to continue to do so.”