Cinema has potential

In regards to the article about Scala Cinema looking to gain a license to sell alcohol and stage late-nights showings, I just wanted to say that If we are trying to put a lid on alcohol misuse by kids and adults then using alcohol as a way to make more money and help with costs is not a good idea.

OK, I like the idea of late showing, it would be great for those who need to be awake, but Scala Cinema (Reel Cinemas) seem, in my view, to be poor at publicity, research and marketing.

The cinema (and possibly all those owned by Reel) have a potential to gain more visitors if they looked at the other side of the day, 11am to 4 pm, and stepped beyond the box like Quad and Broadway.

They have a college where students have half days, so a perfect opportunity to catch them.

They have the older generation and those unemployed or even on shifts who may wish to visit the cinema in the day rather than night.

There is also another possibility, and this is a bigger project. There are plenty of creative art/media places and artists, so get a digital projector and have creative nights, guest speaker panels, courses and stuff.

This would be part of the bigger picture like a film or book festival, or courses in Ilkeston.

If we had a youth and community media centre in Ilkeston it would be easier, (Co-op space used for this?). But I’m sure with some planning and research the cinema could be used for much better and wider facilities.

Paul Parkin,

Address supplied.