Clean-up costs revealed

Fly-tipping costs across the borough have reduced since 2012.
Fly-tipping costs across the borough have reduced since 2012.

More than 250 cases of fly-tipping were recorded last year, costing Erewash Borough Council in excess of £9,000 in clean-up costs.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted to the council by the ‘Tiser revealed the figures, which show cases of fly-tipping between January and December 2013.

The most instances, 36, occurred in November 2013, costing the council almost £1,000 in total.

However, the 2013 statistics show a fall of almost 10 per cent on 2012’s fly tipping costs, which totalled more than £10,000, with March 2012 costing the council £1,500 alone.

The fall in incidents of fly-tipping since 2012 suggests that previous council initiatives have worked.

Councillor Barbara Harrison, lead member for the environment, said: “We welcome the fall in fly-tipping cases, but any fly-tipping is unacceptable, we will continue to fight to stop the menace.”

The figures come in the wake of fresh initiatives approved at the full council meeting this month.

The council will offer residents a free collection service for bulky waste and white goods such as fridges and washing machines as of April 1.

There will be two free collections of six items per household over the course of a year with one white goods collection a year of up to three items.

Councillor Harrison said: “These are challenging times and we have worked hard preparing our budget for next year to be able to make this move.”

She added: “The cleanliness of our borough is a top priority and we hope that offering these collections will have a positive knock-on effect for our on-going campaign to reduce fly tipping across the borough.”