Climbing Kilimanjaro for kids

A Codnor student who hates exercise is set to climb one of the highest mountains in the world in a bid to raise money for a childrens’ charity.

Joanne Smith, of Crosshill, will make the ascent in August with with a group of people from Leicester University for a charity called Childreach International which works with children in the developing world to give them equal access to healthcare and education.

Joanne, a final year Human Geography student who plans to be teacher, has set herself a fundraising target of £2,500 and is appealing to the readers of the News to help in a worthy cause.

Joanne, 20, said: “I’ve been doing all sorts of fundraising and an example of one of my most recent events is a local pub quiz.”

She said she wanted to spread the word about what she is doing to reach out to local businesses who might like to sponsor her, or have suggestions for future fundraising events. Joanne’s donation page can be found at

“I hate and am rubbish at any form of exercise!” Joanne quipped. “So considering that, you’ll hopefully appreciate how much of a challenge climbing Kilimanjaro is going to be!

“Childreach is an amazing charity helping children all over the world get better access to things like healthcare and education. I’ve got an almost impossible target to raise but it really is for a good cause - take a look at their website to see how your money will help.”