Clues wanted into asbestos exposure

NILA 16-08-12 BE 9 Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College.
NILA 16-08-12 BE 9 Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College.

A former teacher, currently suffering from the effects of exposure to asbestos, is asking for ex-colleagues to help him in his fight for justice.

David Martin, 68, worked at Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College from 1976 to last year, first as a technology teacher and later as a part-time technician.

Before that he worked for a Mansfield construction firm where he believes he was regularly exposed to deadly asbestos dust as he worked on pre-fabricated ‘CLASP’ buildings, without proper protection.

During his teaching days, the Godfrey Drive school was made up of a number of CLASP buildings and he claims asbestos was found throughout the walls and window panels, as well as in the floor and ceiling tiles, the boiler house, changing rooms, showers and toilets.

He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in January this year.

“I used to replace doors, ceiling tiles and locks as well as any other maintenance work that cropped up at the school,” he said.

“Despite all the safety measures in place, I believe I still could have been exposed to and inhaled asbestos fibres that were released into the air from damaged or deteriorating asbestos materials contained within the walls, floors and ceilings, simply as a result of general wear and tear throughout the school.”

Lesley Francois from Mr Martin’s solicitors Fentons, explained that to secure him compensation, it was vital that witnesses come forward to confirm that he was exposed to asbestos during his time at the school or at the Mansfield building firm.

Mr Martin finished chemotherapy in September and is due to be reviewed in January.

“Unless we can track down the insurers and prove that he was exposed to asbestos, he may go uncompensated for the terrible condition he has developed as a result of simply working diligently to support his family throughout his life,” she said.

If you can help, call Mrs Francois on 0844 893 6685.