College will not be boost for town

Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.
Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.

As a resident who objected strongly to the planning application for the proposed new college on The Pimlico I refute the claims printed in a letter in the Advertiser (Thursday September 13) claiming that current residents use the former Court House car park for overnight parking. To my knowledge, there is a locked barrier which I believe a single local resident holds keys to, for which in return the resident is allowed to park a single car in the car park, not the plural as stated in the letter.

Being out of kilter with the existing building is spot on, three sides of the proposal are residential premises and who is going to purchase one of the new homes currently being built once the knowledge of the college proposal is known to prospective buyers.

The planning committee may have approved the plan by a slim majority but I find it difficult to understand why staff members from Derby College should now want to be granted special parking permits in the town, when other businesses located in the town centre don’t have such privileges. The Market Place car park which the letter writer refers to is used daily by shoppers and on Thursdays and Saturdays Ilkeston hosts a market. Where would the letter writer propose shoppers park? In addition I must also inform the writer that there are two residents parking schemes within Ilkeston, where the residents pay for the privilege of parking.

The planning application mentioned use of public transport, so I look forward to seeing the travel plan which has to be submitted and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority, when staff of the current college have these views on use of their cars and parking on the proposed new site.

Ilkeston does not require another supermarket, and if the plans get approval we can say goodbye to the Co-op and other established shops on Bath Street and South Street. Ilkeston needs a prosperous shopping centre, not more competition. After all, prior to Tesco’s arrival I remember Bath Street possessing a fine array of shops.

Whilst I sympathise that the current college may be tired and in need of upgrading, how would the new site regenerate Ilkeston? Well I hate to tell the letter writer and members of the planning committee who vote for this farce that the proposal will have no impact on Ilkeston apart from more anti-social behaviour, more traffic chaos and much more important, the vastly increased closure of shops on Bath Street and South Street.

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