College will not rejuvenate town

Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.
Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.

My wife went along on Saturday to view the plans for the proposed new supermarket off Nottingham Rd and the relocating of the Collage to the site of the former Magistrates Court on Pimlico. My significant other half, returned home a shadow of her normally calm persona, instead she was frustrated and clearly annoyed at how her opposition to the developments had been received. She felt that her questions put to a representative were not answered and he clearly was not interested in her opinion. She actually said he would have made a great politician, never answering a question. However what alarmed me was the way that the Collage and the Supermarket representatives canvassed the good people of Ilkeston on Saturday. The results will be staggeringly in favour of the developments, as anything can be manipulated, why, because I was asked my views by a young lady on the Market Place, as soon as my opposition surfaced, she stopped entering any details on a her form and gestured me toward the waiting vultures.

Later on I returned and was again asked my opinion but this time I gave a positive answer to test the response which lead to the individual then to start to fill in a form out for me. So of course their survey will show a large majority for the development. But the most absurd comment I heard on Saturday was that the development would regenerate Bath Street and South Street Quote ‘if every student was to buy a Mars Bars’.

One final thought, apparently the development goes before the planning committee (yet again in Long Eaton) on October 19, prior to them making their decision, I would like them to check on available parking near the proposed site of the New Collage on Pimlico. Their eyes may just be opened to the absurdity of the whole plan. But then again, the cynic that I’m becoming over this issue, tells me it’s already a done deal.

Mr A Smith

Gregory Street