COLUMN: Become an on-call firefighter at Ilkeston Fire Station

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Wow, hasn’t it turned cold?

Winter seems to have finally shown its cards, bringing with it some very icy weather and even snow in certain parts of the county!

With this cold weather, drivers obviously need to take extra care to prevent accidents from happening.

But rest assured if an accident does occur, our crews are trained and ready to respond.

Have you ever considered who those responding firefighters are?

Well, we have two types of firefighters.

There are wholetime (WT) firefighters, who are full time members of staff working a variety of shift patterns to ensure 24/7 cover for their station.

Then there are on-call firefighters, who are members of the community paid to respond to emergencies.

They are notified of an emergency via a personal pager which they carry with them when they are on duty.

The modern firefighter is trained and ready to respond to all manner of emergencies including fires, road traffic collisions, chemical spills, large animal rescues and flooding.

It’s the role of an on-call firefighter that becomes the focus for this month’s Burning Issues.

The on-call firefighter is a member of the community, someone who wants to make a difference, someone who wants to be part of a dedicated team that can respond when other members of the community most need help and someone who earns an extra income at the same time.

So have you ever considered becoming an on-call firefighter? Do you know someone who would like a new challenging and rewarding role? Well we have a fantastic opportunity waiting for the right candidates.

We currently have vacancies at stations throughout Derbyshire including your local fire station, Ilkeston.

Obviously there are certain criteria and considerations, however, one main consideration is that you must live, or work within five minutes of the station.

This really is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference whilst being part of an amazing team, working for a fantastic organisation.

If you are interested, you can read more on the jobs and careers page at