Comic lover’s new store is dream job

Daniel Green of Comics Galore.
Daniel Green of Comics Galore.

An Ilkeston comic book enthusiast has advised would-be traders to follow their dreams after setting up shop in the town centre.

After a string of dead-end jobs in factories and as a charity street collector, the writing was on the wall for Daniel Green to pursue his interest and work for himself.

After a year of working his way up from stalls at craft fairs, in pubs and on Ilkeston market, the entrepreneurial 26-year-old has now opened Comics Galore above Gizmo’s off Bath Street.

“I’ve always liked comics,” said Daniel. “I was heavily into The Beano as a kid until my mum chucked them all away!

“Since school I’d done various jobs but nothing that really gripped me so I thought ‘why not work for myself’?’”

Daniel took advantage of the Fantastic Friday scheme where free market stalls are offered to start-up traders to give them a taste of selling.

After just a couple of weeks on the market the opportunity arose above the mobile phone repair shop between Wilkinson’s and Yeoman’s.

“Anybody can do it,” Daniel advised.

“You don’t need that much start-up cash – if you enjoy what you are doing, you can do it.

“But start small and don’t run before you can walk.”

The shop which opened last month sells collectable comics from as little as £1 an issue and he buys editions too.

He said it was independent shops like his which he thinks are the future for Ilkeston town centre.

“Ilkeston’s been dying to be honest. I think it needs a big invasion of independent businesses to give it a bit of a resurgence,” he added.