Commissioner speaks out on taxi proposals

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Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has backed a nationwide campaign urging the Government to withdraw proposed legislation which some say could put the safety of people using taxis and private-hire services at risk.

The Deregulation Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, has been designed to reduce red tape and save small business owners money through reduced paperwork.

However, it contains several measures relating to the private hire trade which have sparked serious safety fears, including allowing people to operate a licensed private hire vehicle even if they do not hold a private hire vehicle driver’s license.

This will effectively mean any individual can get behind the wheel of a licensed taxi and purport to be someone they are not for the intention of committing crime.

Mr Charles said: “Women already feel very vulnerable when using the services of a taxi or private hire vehicle alone, especially late at night. This will only intensify under the reform plans.”