Community confusion over carnival

Stapleford carnival. Rosie Howard from galloping acrobatics.
Stapleford carnival. Rosie Howard from galloping acrobatics.

A community group have told the ‘Tiser of their frustration that a prestigious carnival parade will not be going ahead.

The Stapleford Community Group received an email last week stating that the decision had been made by organisers to not hold the parade, but that they had instead chosen to put on a vehicular parade on September 6.

Chairman of the community group, Richard McRae, said: “People just aren’t happy with a vehicular parade. The organisers held a meeting but did not seem to want our help.”

While carnival organiser, Katherine Stewart, said last year’s carnival was highly successful and that she has received positive responses to her plans for this year’s parade.

Stapleford councillor, David Grindell, said that the vehicular parade would definitely be going ahead.

He added: “Organisers contacted 28 organisations, of which they received four responses. We would all love to see the old carnival, but times change. It’s not as easy to organise as people think.”