Community needs school

NILA 02-10-12 BE 13 Ormiston enterprise academy, Cotmanhay.
NILA 02-10-12 BE 13 Ormiston enterprise academy, Cotmanhay.

The closure of Ormiston Enterprise Academy, Bennerley, really should shake anyone in the Cotmanhay area into getting involved to save this school. With the closure of beds at Ilkeston’s Hospital and with the nursery on Beauvale Drive under threat, it’s time to set a realistic view of life and look to get things done.

Last term at Orminston Bennerley both myself and Kevin Haslam of Three Valley’s Housing, pushed to get a project off the ground that involved a group of lads at the school that were close to being excluded from the school. We got them involved in a construction project at an old people’s complex at Sandiacre that is being pulled down. All the lads got involved in doing plumbing tasks, joinery, tiling and learning electrics and they showed a very keen interest in the project. Cotmanhay needs these kids to get involved in community projects and both Action 4 Cotmanhay and Three Valleys Housing are keen for this to get off the ground.

When you look around the estate with what has happened to the Donner Crescent shop site it makes you think what will become of the area if the school shuts.

Ormiston Academy must stay in the area and be made more open for the children to attend, how can they be looking to close it after just one year?

It has two football pitches plus tennis courts that should be used more often, it has a school hall, a great venue to hire, local groups use the school at night plus it runs a gym. We can’t just sit by and let it go.

Local businesses should be looking to donate time plus items including building products, local groups should get together to make it happen in the area, the Ormiston kids can save the area long term. We keep pushing at meetings to get funding for projects and groups like Action 4 Cotmanhay need help to make the dreams come true. With the help of the Ilkeston Advertiser, the groups in Ilkeston need to get together. People need to see that with a vision things can change. Construction work in small areas to change the way people see the area would be a great start and get the kids thinking. We need the schools help so they can’t just pull away.

If Ormiston close Bennerley and just walk away, Cotmanhay will become very isolated and you just wonder what damage will be done to the area long term.

John Allen

Action 4 Cotmanhay