Company appeal decision on phone mast on residential street in Ilkeston

Phone mast on Field Road in Ilkeston.
Phone mast on Field Road in Ilkeston.

A 30 metre phone mast remains on a residential street in Ilkeston despite planning permission being refused.

The mast on Field Road was put up by EE in December 2013 under emergency powers which had a six month expiration period.

In August last year Erewash Borough Council said the company had not submitted legitimate planning applications and gave it until the end of the month to do so.

The company then applied to for a permanent mast at the same location.

The application was turned down by the planning committee in November on the basis that the visual impact of the mast outweighed the benefit of having it there, leading the communications company to appeal the decision. Now a planning inspector will decide on the outcome of an appeal lodged by EE.

Residents living on the street say it has blighted their lives and want it removed.

In its appeal the company states that the mast is needed to maintain coverage for EE customers in the area.

It states: “It is EE Ltd’s every intention to remove the temporary mast as soon as possible with the consideration that network connectivity is required to be maintained prior to the permanent installation being completed.

“If it would be considered appropriate for the permanent application under appeal to be allowed then the temporary mast can be removed in compliance with the council’s suggestion as soon as possible.”