Concerns as firms go bust


I am John McQueen the founder of the Bankruptcy Association that I set up 28 years ago to provide totally independent bankruptcy advice and to improve the law.

I am very concerned about the tens of thousands of people going bankrupt each year. Going bust is a very unpleasant and difficult experience. Most of these people need sensible, impartial advice. However, many become ensnared with companies and individuals who offer expensive and often wrong or inappropriate advice.

The Bankruptcy Association provides first-class personal advice on bankruptcy law and has helped tens of thousands of people over nearly three decades. In addition, I have written a wide range of books to help people with bankruptcy problems. Membership of the Bankruptcy Association costs just £15 per year.

Details of all these publications and the Association can be seen at our website at or we can be contacted at our telephone number on 01524 545019.

John McQueen

The Bankruptcy Association