Concerns over missing pet cat

NILABE111115e2, Linda Burns, Nelson Street Ilkeston, Missing cats.
NILABE111115e2, Linda Burns, Nelson Street Ilkeston, Missing cats.

A COTMANHAY cat owner is warning other residents with animals to keep an eye on their pets after three of her cats have gone missing since May.

Linda Burns, 52, of Nelson Street, contacted the Advertiser because her cat, Cassie, hasn’t returned home for more than a week.

Mrs Burns said she is getting increasingly worried about the animal after what has happened to her other pets.

“We’re worried sick, we don’t know where she is and this is the third time we’ve been through this now,” she said.

The first cat to go missing returned after a few days with a broken jaw. He had to be put down a month later after the operation failed to work.

The second was found dead on land known locally as the bankings.

Eight-month-old Cassie, has not been seen since Monday November 7.

She said: “We were distraught when our first cat went missing and we still have no idea how he broke his jaw.

“When we found the second one dead we were just devastated.

“We don’t know what it was that killed him but it can’t be a coincidence.”

Another cat owner, who did not want to be named, also contacted the Advertiser after having a similar experience last week.

The dad, who lives in the same area as Mrs Burns, said: “We were getting more and more worried about our cat after he came in the house the other week and wasn’t very well.

“He wasn’t eating or drinking and was sick.

“His back legs were really weak and he was deteriorating.

“We had to rush him to the vets and they told us he had kidney disease and started treating him but he died later on that day.

“The vet said he’d definitely been poisoned.

“We had to bring him home and bury him in the garden that night.

“The kids were devastated and I’d hate to think of someone else going through the same thing.

“It’s horrible to think that someone could be doing this deliberately, but it seems that’s the case.”

Mrs Burns contacted police after being told that a local dog owner was encouraging his animal to attack cats.

Mrs Burns said officers had visited her but told her that they could not act on hearsay.

Anyone who thinks they may have seen or found Casssie can call Mrs Burns on 07944726820.