Consumer: Money Talk with Helen Collier

Helen Collier
Helen Collier

THIS week, we start the quest to banish the question ‘Where does the money go?’ from your vocabulary.

The ultimate goal is to spend in line with things that really matter to you and the way you live, your core values.

Identifying what these core values are is the first step. When you know that the things you do with your money match your values, you are far more likely to feel good and stay in control of your money. You start to become conscious and awake to your money and its flow.

Knowing your values and using them consciously will help you determine what your priorities are start to turn your spending around.

It’s all about taking action!

Write down words that describe what is most important to you. These are the things without which your life would be diminished in some way.

Here are a few examples, but check out my website or the web if you need more inspiration.

Generosity; Family; Security; Financial Freedom; Beauty; Style; Music; Health; Fun; Home; Loyalty; Friendship; Living Debt Free. Keep going until you run out of steam.

Score each word or phrase on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is the most important and 0 is not at all. Then arrange your list in importance order.

Next week: discovering what your ‘enough’ is!

>Leeds-based Helen Collier is one of only two coaches in the UK trained with the Money Coaching Institute in California. She helps people who are often embarrassed and ashamed about how they’ve handled money to create a financial life they can be proud of.