Cost of removing newts at Ilkeston station site amounts to £74,120

Artist's impression of Ilkeston train station.
Artist's impression of Ilkeston train station.

The cost of trapping and removing newts from the site of Ilkeston’s new train station has been revealed.

A Freedom of Information request was submitted to Derbyshire County Council by Colin Greaves, from Ilkeston.

He asked how many Great Crested Newts, a protected species, were found at the site and what the total cost was.

The response revealed that 171 Great Crested Newts, and 197 smooth newts were found.

It stated: “Network Rail has identified the total costs associated with the management and implementation of newt trapping and relocation as £74,120. This covers all costs.”

Mr Greaves, 75, who used to own the land where the station will be based, said: “It’s just a total and utter waste of time.

“I have known that land for 50 years and it’s never been flooded so I can’t understand why they are spending all that money.

“I think the train station will still go ahead but will take people out of the town instead of bring them in.”

The train station was originally set to open in December but building work was delayed following discovery of the newts and the need for additional flood prevention work.

To cut costs the council then changed the plans and submitted three new planning applications to Erewash Borough Council and Broxtowe Borough Council.

The council confirmed the cost of the newt removal.

A spokesman said: “Trapping and removing the newts has cost £74,000 with the cost coming out of the budget to build the station.”

He added: “We’re still intending to start work in the spring.”

The completed station is expected to open later in the year.