Council boost for BMX track fight

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Campaigners fighting for a BMX track in Ilkeston are celebrating after getting the backing of Erewash Borough Council.

Pete Wilson met with Dave Bramwell this week who told the campaign leader that the council will support the group in their quest to build a national standard track in Ilkeston.

Pete said: “It couldn’t have gone better, we’re thrilled that the council are backing our calls for a track in the town.

“This really will put Ilkeston on the map.”

“This won’t happen overnight and is going to take a lot of hard work from lots of people but we’re well on the way.”

One potential site for the track is at the top of Headingham Close, near to the Pewit Golf Course and the Nutbrook Trail.

Pete added: “We’re agreed that the site looks like a good spot for the track.

“The next ste is to check that the land will be ok to use then it will be time to start asking track builders to come up with designs and costs.”

Pete is hoping that community grants and council money will pay for the track.

He said: “From what I can tell there is some money in the pot but we will have to work hard to secure what funding we can.”

Pete is now trying to form a committee.

The group’s first meeting will be in the community room at Ilkeston Fire Station from 7pm on Friday June 29.