Council makes pledge to finish flats

BROXTOWE Borough Council has pledged to complete the development of ten flats in Stapleford in the next few days following a complaint from a local councillor.

Cllr David Grindell revealed his frustration over the Nottingham Road flats which had remained empty because they had not had their water supply connected.

“We have a massive demand for housing in the borough and yet we have these properties standing empty because the water supply hasn’t been connected,” he said. “This can’t be allowed to continue and urgent action must be taken to put it right.”

And this week council leader Cllr Milan Radulovic vowed the development would be finished soon – with water now connected and tenants moving in before Christmas.

He added: “We are disappointed that the properties have not been occupied before now. The delay is entirely due to the water not being connected by Severn Trent Water, although this was paid for in March.

“The council have pursued every channel to complete the work, although, without water, the contractors have been unable to finish the development which has cost the council a significant amount in lost rent.”