Council makes vow over housing land

More than 100 residents turn out to protest housing proposals in Manners
More than 100 residents turn out to protest housing proposals in Manners

EREWASH Borough Council has vowed not to build on popular fishing spot Manners lake or remove the much-used Nutbrook Trail if plans to build 700 houses in Ilkeston go ahead.

But the council’s head of planning Steve Birkinshaw has said that no bypass would be built to accommodate either the proposed Ilkeston West development or the Quarry Hill area, earmarked for a further 500 homes.

During a meeting of the planning committee on Wednesday night, he told councillors “We have no intention of building on the lake – I can absolutely confirm that.

“Likewise, keeping the Nutbrook Trail is going to be a very high priority.”

Cllr Ted Bishop also raised concerns about grazing land for horses near the Quarry Hill proposal but Mr Birkinshaw reassured him that there is alternative land for grazing horses within Erewash.

He also confirmed that the council has been in talks with Derbyshire County Council over school provision and highways issues.

Ilkeston central councillor Glennice Birkin asked: “Roads in Ilkeston are gridlocked as it is – is there any provision for that in these proposals?”

But Mr Birkinshaw said there were ‘no new roads proposed for Ilkeston’.

“The reason is there is nowhere to put them and nothing to connect them to,” he added. “There won’t be another Chalons Way.”

However, in talks last week with Mr Birkinshaw, chairman of the Say No campaign against the Ilkeston West proposals, Bev Hendrick, was assured that access to the development from Hedingham Close would be ‘highly unlikely’.

In the latest protest against the proposals, more than 100 protesters against the Ilkeston West proposal marched across the area on Sunday.

And Erewash MP Jessica Lee has now organised a public meeting this Saturday at Ilkeston FC to discuss the housing proposals for Ilkeston.

She said: “It’s important to say that all planning matters are decided locally by the borough council and as the MP I have no powers or influence on planning decisions.

“However, given the volume of correspondence that I have received I want to convene a public meeting and hear what residents have to say.”

The meeting is at 10am at the clubhouse in Awsworth Road.

Mr Birkinshaw said that there has been ‘quite some number’ of responses to the consultation. Responses must be received by this Monday.