Council plans to improve carbon footprint

NILABE101124a2, cllr chris corbett
NILABE101124a2, cllr chris corbett

Erewash Borough Council looks set to continue its ‘green’ commitment by approving two more key environment-driven plans next week.

Borough Councillors will discuss the two initiatives at a Council Executive meeting on Thursday (December 5) and are expected to confirm the blueprints – which include the council’s first Employee Travel Plan.

Also set to be approved next week is the new Erewash Carbon Management Plan for the next five years, in which the council pledges to ‘lead by example’ with a target of reducing its carbon emissions by 19% by 2018.

Councillor Chris Corbett, Leader of Erewash Borough Council, said: “We continue to develop our ‘suite’ of plans that will drive our commitment to environmental improvements and making Erewash a sustainable borough.

“We know we have a key role to play in leading by example and we are proud that we have already made significant progress in reducing our carbon footprint.”